We have used the services of Zinco UK for kettle pump outs, holding molten zinc and conducting on-line thickness checks several times in our two plants and can recommend them. Whether in a planned pumpout or an emergency, their professionalism and organisation are a weight off the mind of a galvanizer.

Geoff CrowleyHighland Colour Coaters, Scotland

…we want to thank you and your team…..We, as Basoz Enerji were very happy to meet Zinco UK 4 years ago for our first inspection….we thought there was a problem with one of the walls of our kettle and would have to replace it…. We decided (as a result of the inspection) to continue using our kettle…..provide us with more than three years of additional kettle life.

Nail BasozBasoz Enerji, A.S., Turkey

…we carried out a kettle inspection on our three HDG-kettles…Zinco UK carried out a non-invasive test, so the production stop was minimal. The result of the inspection at one of the kettles was very astonishing; the thickness was so little that we had to plan a change of kettle as soon as possible. Thanks to the inspection, we noticed this early enough to plan a change of the kettle and avoid a longer stop in production.

Jarle BjørdalVik Ørsta AS, Norway

We recently had a kettle test carried out…by Zinco. The knowledge we now have…gives us great confidence going forward. I was given a comprehensive report within a few working days, in short, dealing with Zinco was a pleasure.

Dermot O’BrienShannonside GalvanizingIreland

…we undertook an inspection of our galvanizing kettle using your service. This is the third time…Yet again the service has proved very useful to us and has helped us decide on the future of our kettle…I am happy to recommend your services and look forward to working with you again in the future.

Colm CullimoreIrish Pioneer Works Ltd, Ireland

…From the minute we placed the order to the end results the service was excellent & great value for money compared to other options.

Darren HughesClark Drain, UK

Great job done by Zinco UK in Belgium and the Netherlands. Zinco UK did 2 inspections in two countries in one weekend for Weert Groep…good preparation and a detailed schedule made it possible…we were happy to have Zinco UK …with us, their employees…were very motivated to do their job.

Norbert BeljaarsWeert Groep, The Netherlands

…a short message to express our thanks for a very successful kettle change at our galvanizing plant…carried out by your very professional and dedicated team. All the planning…paid dividends as the whole process went very smoothly.

Neil HodgkinsonIAE, England