Zinc transfer and storage

Zinco UK are able to provide molten zinc storage using 60T & 80T capacity vessels. These vessels enable us the flexibility to operate in any size factory and can be used in conjunction with zinc moulds.

We offer all services from a full programme of kettle change, where we handle all aspects of a kettle change, to a simple pump out using our zinc moulds, and everything in-between.

The benefits of transportable furnaces:

  • SAVES TIME: Re-melting time is much shorter than the traditional method, potentially saving you 7 to 10 days, depending on kettle size.
  • SAVES MONEY: Quicker restart means less impact on production.
  • KETTLE SOFT START: Direct pumping into a new furnace from the transportable furnaces avoids the traditional danger of thermal shock, avoiding serious deformation and local over heating that can often be fatal for the kettle.

We pride ourselves on operating in a quick, safe and professional manner.  We can tailor our pumpout service to cover any requirements of our customers, please contact us to discuss your plans and to see how Zinco UK can make the process safer and easier for you.