Zinco UK provides advanced technical services to the hot dip galvanizing industry.

Services include:

  • Kettle inspections – non-invasive testing
  • Emergency kettle pump out
  • Molten zinc transfer and storage using transportable furnaces
  • Bespoke fabrications for residue management

Established in 2007, Zinco UK provides a revolutionary non-invasive zinc kettle testing service.

In 2014 Zinco UK established a new relationship with Sonemat Limited – a spin-out company from the University of Warwick, to explore how ultrasonic technology first developed at the University could be used to test galvanizing kettles integrity while still loaded with molten zinc.

Following successful research and development, Zinco International and Sonemat Limited have signed an agreement to launch a new ultrasonic probe technology – Zinc Immersion Probe (ZIP).

Zinco International holds worldwide distribution rights for the use of the ZIP technology.

The new probe technology can conduct safety critical testing inside galvanizing kettles whilst still full of molten zinc.

Molten zinc transfer and storage

Since investing in a selection of transportable furnaces and pumping equipment we are now in a position to offer full kettle life service plans, from installation through testing to decommission.

We pride ourselves on operating in a quick, safe and professional manner.  All of our services can be tailored to offer bespoke service contracts to our customers across the UK and Europe.

As a company we are fully committed to investing in research and development within our field and since the launch of our new inspection equipment it has enabled us to provide our customers with an even greater depth of technical information on kettles.