UK Pump out and decommissioning project for a new customer

We were delighted to support a new customer, Tata Steel, who required our technical services for a pump out and decommissioning project in the UK.  Due to the complexity of the project, we ran a number of preparation meetings and site visits detailing the procedure.  This proved worthwhile as when we returned recently the project was completed as planned.

Steel has been processed on the Tata Steel site at Shotton in North Wales for more than 120 years. The plant produces a wide range of galvanised and pre-finished (painted) steel building systems using steel coil supplied from integrated steelmaking site at Port Talbot.

Project timeline:

Monday               Project start and setup of all equipment

Tuesday               AM         Dry run testing with Tata Steel staff members

PM         Molten zinc pumped into moulds

Wednesday         AM         Cooled zinc removed from moulds and loaded on to our transport

PM         All equipment removed from site, project completed

Our technical team on site were well supported by a number of Tata Steel staff who had been present at the preparation meetings to ensure consistency throughout the project.

We were very pleased with how smoothly the project ran – thank you to everyone from Tata Steel who helped and thank you for all your positive feedback at the end!