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Zinco provides advanced technical services to the hot dip galvanizing industry worldwide. We can provide regular kettle inspection testing to profile corrosion of zinc kettle walls as well as providing zinc transfer and molten zinc storage solutions.

Kettle inspection service

Kettle inspection service

Utilising our Zinc Immersion Probe (ZIP) system which uses ultrasound to measure the kettle wall thickness.

Zinc transfer and storage

Zinc transfer and storage

Transportable furnaces enable us to provide molten zinc storage, total capacity available in excess of 500T.

Bespoke fabrications

Engineering Support

Custom made dross scoops and dross moulds to fit your galvanizing kettle and exact enclosure setup.


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We operate a worldwide service. We also welcome any enquiries from companies who would like to become one of our partners using our unique ZIP technology. Please contact us using the form below and one of the team will be in touch shortly to discuss new opportunities.

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