Since 2010, Quantum Wire & Chemicals has been supplying pre-treat chemicals to the hot dip galvanizing sector and annealed wire products.

At Quantum Wire & Chemicals we have secured sole distributor agreements, covering the UK and Ireland, with two well respected Italian manufactures – Bottaro Mario S.r.l and Soprin S.r.l.

Quantum Wire & Chemicals was formed in 2010 and we have enjoyed year on year growth. Since our foundation we have developed a strong customer base across various industries thanks to the recommendations we have achieved by providing top quality products and excellent customer service.

Soprin S.r.l. is the chemical division of the Bisol Group, which specialises in the production of chemical products for the hot dip galvanizing industry.  Their customer portfolio currently includes over 250 galvanizing plants around the world covering 5 continents.

Bottaro Mario S.r.l. have been producing the highest standard of annealed steel wire for over 50 years and have firmly established themselves as one of the European leaders in manufacturing wire products and distributing around the world.

We specialise in supplying suspension/tying wire and baling wire in black annealed and soft galvanized finishes.

Soprin chemicals we supply:-

  • Hydronet
  • Antivapor
  • Ironsave
  • Antiblast
  • Flux Zinc
  • Zinc Rich Spray
  • Paint Remover

Bottaro black annealed iron wire products we supply:-

  • Cut to length – low carbon and standard specifications
  • Catchweight coils
  • Cut and looped baling wire
  • Quick Link
  • Rewound coils
  • Large coils (formers)

We also supply Cut and Loop wire and Quick Link in a soft galvanized finish.

We are based in a central UK location and hold stock of our most widely used products so we can ensure deliveries are quick and reliable.

Quantum Group is a division of Zinco International, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hereford Galvanizers Ltd, a well-respected company established since 1964 that specialises in providing hot dip galvanizing and powder coating services across the UK.

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