Pump Out in Ireland

Phew, we are just taking breath!  We have just completed another very busy December and January.  This time of year is always a busy time for us, whilst Christmas frivolities are in full swing we are working at various sites managing pump outs and pump backs in the Christmas shutdown period.  We are certainly not moaning, we are thrilled with the work we have successfully completed.




The planning stages of a pump out are as important as the days we spend on site carrying out the job.

One of our senior engineers carried out three site visits for this particular project in Ireland.  Liaising with the plant manager, directors and external contractors we planned and sketched out all parts of the process including the proposed layout of vessels and moulds, the proposed route of the moulds and the covered space to store them when filled.





We filled 3 holding vessels with approx. 200 tonnes of molten metal and the remaining 210 tonnes of molten zinc into tapered moulds.

We pumped back on the Friday and the plant was all up and running galvanizing the following Monday.

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