Introducing the Zinc Immersion Probe (ZIP)

Zinco UK are pleased to announce that they have recently signed a long term agreement with Sonemat Ltd to use ultrasonic probe technology developed from research first conducted at the University of Warwick. The new probe technology can conduct safety critical testing inside galvanizing kettles while still holding molten zinc at 450°C.

In 2014 Zinco UK established a new relationship with Sonemat Limited – a spin-out company from the University of Warwick, to explore how ultrasonic technology that was first developed at the University could be used be used to test the kettle wall integrity / corrosion rates. Sonemat was formed in 2005 by two University of Warwick scientists: Dr Mark Potter, and Professor Steve Dixon who are specialists in non-contact ultrasonic non-destructive testing.

We have been delighted to work with Zinco UK  for the last three years on this project.  Their depth of knowledge of hot dip galvanizing kettles with various heating systems and their 10 year experience in this field made them the ideal partner to bring this new technology to the world.  We devised a new Zinc Immersion Probe (ZIP) with Zinco UK which was extensively trialled and tested. We are excited for the future of this product and for what it could mean for the hot dip galvanizing industry to understand and extend kettle life

Prof.  Steve Dixon

The probes have already been used to measure galvanizing kettles in Africa, Malaysia, Middle East, Scandinavia and Europe. The probes will be manufactured in Zinco UK’s Hereford HQ and following recent customer demand will see it expand its areas of operations.

Pictured are David Watkins (left) and Professor Steve Dixon (right) of Sonemat and the University of Warwick.