One year on…Hydronet chemical degreaser installation in Ireland

In September 2016, Shannonside Galvanizing, based in County Limerick in Ireland, embarked upon an exciting installation of Soprin’s Hydronet chemical degreaser.  We’re pleased to say a year later Dermot O’Brien continues to be reaping the rewards!

“We have been running a dedicated degrease tank for over a year now using Hydronet.  Our production capacity has increased due to faster pre-pickling times also the quality of the work has improved significantly as the Hydronet cleans the steelwork thoroughly of any oils before pickling.  Thank you Matt for an easy installation!”

Quick and Easy Installation

Prior to installation day, Shannonside Galvanizing filled their standalone degreasing tank 70% full with water and received delivery of 10 Hydronet IBCs – they were filling a 90,000 litre tank after all!  This enabled the Hydronet installation on the day to take less than 2 hours allowing production to be up and running quickly.



Hydronet® is a chemical degreaser operating at an acid pH, it transforms oils and greases into a flocculent which settles at the bottom of the bath.


  • It is compatible with pickling baths so no need to rinse materials before the pickling stage
  • It performs a pre-pickling operation which increases the productive potential of the actual pickling stage
  • It reduces pickling time while controlling the aggression of the hydrochloric acid on the steel
  • It works at room temperature (not below 18°C and not over 40°C) best performance achieved between 30 °C and 35°C
  • The solution is easy to maintain simply by checking the pH regularly (weekly in big baths, daily in small baths).

if you are interested in finding out more about Soprin’s chemicals for the hot dip galvanizing sector please call Matt on 01432 376137 or visit our website by clicking here